• 3 New Therapists Join Sioux Center Health

    3 New Therapists Join Sioux Center Health

    Improving quality of life through therapy

    From pediatrics to geriatrics, therapy can improve the quality of life for many. With the growing number of therapy services available, Sioux Center Health has added three new therapists to its team to provide services in Sioux Center and Hull.

    Sioux Center Health providers, Evan Wiersma and Tarah Kooima, doctors of physical therapy, as well as occupational therapist, Alexya Van Ginkel, each specialize in different areas of therapy and are ready to provide services to new clients. “Our goal is to provide full spectrum therapy services in pediatric care and women’s and men’s health, dry needling, blood flow restriction, concussion management, vertigo, sports rehabilitation, Parkinson’s and other non-surgical and post-surgical rehabilitation,” said Andrew Geleynse, Outpatient Services Officer of Sioux Center Health.

    Evan Wiersma, Doctor of Physical Therapy

    Wiersma chose to practice in Sioux Center and Hull because he and his wife grew up in the area and would like to start their family here. “I have experience in treating the geriatric population, vestibular rehabilitation and a variety of diagnosis in the rural outpatient setting,” Wiersma said. Over the past two years, Wiersma has had more experience treating all age groups.

    Wiersma will be performing dry needling in both locations. “With dry needling, a physical therapist pushes thin needles though the skin into trigger points that are in our muscles and help stimulate the tissue allowing the muscle to relax and reduce pain,” Geleynse said. The reduction in pain allows bodies to move in more effective ways to complete activities of daily living. “Dry needling can be used throughout different body regions and can be used to help with joint problems, tendinitis, repetitive motion injuries, back pain and much more,” Geleynse said.

    Wiersma’s interest in physical therapy began when he was shadowing another physical therapists and began seeing the benefits the treatments could provide. “I enjoy seeing a patient’s rehabilitation from an injury to independence and achieving their goals to return to what they enjoy, whether it be specific hobbies, sports or just getting around their home more effectively,” he said.

    Tarah Kooima, Doctor of Physical Therapy

    Kooima, a native of Akron, became interested in physical therapy after an injury in high school. “I injured my hip flexor pitching my junior year. When I went to physical therapy for the first time I knew that was what I wanted to do,” she said. Kooima credits the physical therapy for helping her injury heal and allowing her to be able to pitch in her state softball tournament.

    She will be joining the women’s health team in Hull to focus on bladder health for women dealing with incontinence due to medical conditions including pregnancy and aging as well as women experiencing pelvic pain and painful intercourse.

    “Tarah has been doing women’s health four years, and will be a good asset to the Hull location,” Geleynse said.

    “I will be treating people with all orthopedic conditions including back, neck, knee, hip and others as well as health-trained internal evaluations,” Kooima said.

    Kooima lives in Sioux Center with her husband and two sons and will commute to Hull for work. “I enjoy the short drive and I have met some of the nicest people,” she said. Getting to know people on a personal level and setting goals is the most enjoyable part of Kooima’s job. “I feel it’s important to equip people with both education and exercises to return to their prior level of function,” she said.

    Alexya Van Ginkel, Occupational Therapist

    Van Ginkel has always felt a call to serve in the medical field and became interested in occupational therapy after working with a therapist in Brandon, South Dakota. “I was drawn to the holistic nature of the profession and the opportunity it leads to helping people across the lifespan getting back to doing the things they want, need and are expected to do throughout their daily lives,” she said.

    Van Ginkel will be working with patients of all ages assisting with hand, wrist and elbow conditions including pre- and post-surgical conditions. “Our occupational therapists also work with patients struggling to perform their normal daily tasks due to different illnesses, diseases or injuries,” Geleynse said. The occupational therapy team also works with patients recovering from strokes or individuals who are learning to live with Parkinson’s Disease.

    Van Ginkel currently resides in Rock Valley, splitting her time between Sioux Center Health and the Hull nursing home. “I feel incredibly blessed for the opportunity to serve the Sioux Center and Hull communities as an occupational therapist and I’m most excited to meet new faces and continue to learn and grow from my clients,” she said.


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