Hear Trent and Luke's Story

My name is Kaylee Hulstein and I am a mother of three wonderful little boys. Two of our boys have had the opportunity to work with therapists at Sioux Center Health as part of the Pediatric Therapy Program. Our two sons are Luke, age 3, who worked with Andrew Geleynse in occupational therapy and Trent,10 months, who is currently working with Sara Wielenga in physical therapy since he was about 3 months old.

Walking into a hospital is always a scary thing for a child, especially a child with a complex medical history. From the first day we walked in the doors for my sons’ appointment, Andrew and Sara have treated our boys like their own children. They went above and beyond to make sure they felt comfortable. They show compassion and were very patient with both of them as well as Josh and I as their parents. Andrew and Sara went out of their way to make sure our boys were given the skills and education to be successful in the future.

Josh and I were included in all the discussions of what steps to take next and were educated on how to help our boys reach their next goal. Seeing them thrive and overcome a few of the obstacles that were in front of them and watching a 3 year old get excited about something he has been working on is exciting for a parent. Watching Trent, our premature baby, reach milestones that we thought were a long ways out for him makes me thankful for the early intervention our boys have received at Sioux Center Health.

We appreciate the continuity of care and the communication between our therapists and our doctor. We have built a great relationship with our doctor and therapists over the years and we wanted to continue that close to home were our boys were familiar and comfortable.

Therapy will always be a part of their lives. We are incredibly thankful for the time and energy our therapists have put towards our boys. The skills and education our therapists have given us as parents to help Luke and Trent to be successful and continue towards their goals is a rewarding feeling to us.