Specialty Clinics & Medical Specialists

The expanded Specialty Clinic offers specialized care and treatment without requiring to travel to a large metro hospital. Our Avera telemedicine partnership also allows you to connect remotely with an Avera specialist.

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·  Allergy: R. Maclean Smith, MD
·  Behavioral Health: Shawn Scholten, LMHC and Dayton Vogel, LMHC
·  Cardiology: Jeremy Scott, MD and Andrea Meekins, CNP
·  Dermatology: Indy Chabra, MD and Crystal Oberle, PA-C
·  Ear-Nose-Throat: Stephanie Burger, MD, Kurtis Kover, MD, and Maria Azpeitia, CNP
·  General Surgery: Nicholas Mouw, MD and Shahid Naqvi, MD
·  Memory Center: David Janssen, MD and Morgan Meissner, PA-C
·  Nephrology: Ashar Luqman, MD and David Solomon Chua, MD
·  Neurology: James Case, MD and Jon Grudem, MD
·  Neurosurgery: Grant Shumaker, MD
·  Ophthalmology: Gregory Osmundson, MD
·  Orthopedic: Brian Johnson, MD, Ashton Redstone, PA-C, Raymond Sherman, MD, Reed McGill, PA-C, Bryce Braaksma, DO, and Heath Reinke, PA-C
·  Pain Clinic: Gary Tillamn, CRNA
·  Pediatric Cardiology: Eric Towe, MD
·  Podiatry: Sara Oelke, DPM
·  Radiology: Jack Avalos, MD and Julie McKay, MD
·  Urology: Craig Block, MD, Matthew Witte, MD, and Luke Sachau, PA-C
·  Vein Clinic: Darren Chester, MD
·  Wound Care: Abby Van Zee, ARNP

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