Better Health
Kindergarten through 12th grade

To avoid the rush, now’s a good time to get your family’s sports physicals and annual wellness exams. Sioux Center Health offers a comprehensive head-to-toe evaluation of your child’s current health status and review of immunizations during their appointment. Most insurance plans cover an annual wellness exam and physical with no co-pay required.

ATTENTION: Students are require to have their first dose of a meningitis vaccine prior to entry into 7th grade and a second dose prior to entry into 12th grade.

•  A complete head to toe physical
•  A complete set of vital signs to include height, weight, BMI, heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure
•  A review of your child’s allergies
•  A review of your child’s medications
•  A review of your child’s immunizations, along with receiving any immunizations that are due
•  A review of your child’s past medical history
•  A review of your child’s social history, which includes risky behaviors such as tobacco usage, choices in foods and caffeine use, alcohol use, seat belt use to name a few
•  Most importantly, this is an excellent opportunity for your provider to educate your teen about healthy lifestyles and behaviors.

The health care industry recognizes the benefits of prevention and coverage for these visits is now widespread. This is one more way you can help keep your child healthier.

You can schedule an annual wellness exam at any time. We offer extra appointment availability after school and on school vacation days and so that your child’s school schedule disruption is minimal. However, we highly encourage you to schedule sooner rather than later.

We encourage you to check your insurance policy for your coverage benefit. If it’s been over one year since your child’s last physical, it won’t be covered. If your child is not covered by an insurance policy and needs an athletic physical, please contact us for options.

•  Consent form
•  Athletic Physical Form (English)
•  Athletic Physical Form (Spanish)

Call today to schedule an appointment with your provider.
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•  Hawarden Clinic: 712.551.1000
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