Hear Misti's Story

Several years ago I had a routine physical done at the Hull Medical Clinic where my doctor found a lump on my breast. I was scheduled at that time to have a diagnostic mammogram done. It was then confirmed that I did indeed have a lump on my breast and was recommended by my doctor to have that lump surgically removed.

For years after that, I was not the most faithful at going in for my yearly mammograms, even after that scare.  But as the years past, I realized I should be going in more consistently and I became very faithful at having my mammograms done yearly.

This past August I had my routine mammogram done and was not worried at all. Just a routine exam, right?  Then I received the call that nobody wants to receive stating that I will need to come back in for another mammogram and possibly an ultrasound. They had seen something in the images that was not there the year prior. That moment none of us want to have to face…the WHAT IF?

Prior to my routine mammogram appointment, I had scheduled a hysterectomy for the following week. My heart sunk. Do I want to have the hysterectomy done if I am facing something way bigger in the picture. My diagnostic mammogram was scheduled for the week after my hysterectomy. Knowing I would probably not want to have to face that so soon after my surgery, I asked if they could please keep me in mind if there were any cancellations and possibly get me in before my surgery. Thankfully I got the call that I could get in sooner. I was so grateful for that! I said lots and lots of prayers and asked my family and friends to do the same.

I had my exam done and waited patiently for the Radiologist, Dr. McKay, to read my results. Thankfully these prayers were answered and my mind was set at ease with the news that everything is okay and we will see you back in a year! I was worried, but knowing I had my exam done the previous year I was hopeful that if it were something that it was caught in early stages.

I am blessed that this was not the case and reminded my family and friends to definitely have their yearly mammograms done. The staff at Sioux Center Health made my experience with this go smoothly. They were very friendly, helpful and understanding. I choose Sioux Center Health for the convenience of the location near my home and for the caring and knowledgeable staff they have.