Memory Clinic


The mission of the Siouxland Memory Center is to provide comprehensive and compassionate diagnosis, treatment, education and support for people with dementia and those who care for them. We believe that early treatment is the best treatment option. Because most memory loss is not reversible, detection in the early stages is key to stopping the progression of the disease. We work to help our patients maintain their current cognitive function.

After an initial visit, our patients return several times so that we can track results and keep patients on the right track. Our services are covered by medicare, medicaid, and most other insurance companies.

How to schedule an appointment

Clinics are held every Wednesday morning.

To schedule an appointment, please call Central Scheduling at (712) 722-8134 any day of the week. If no one is available, please leave a message with your name and number and we will return your call.

What to Expect

During the initial assessment, patients can expect to have an in-depth medical history taken. It is important to have a family member come along to all appointments. Patients and family should be prepared to talk about any other family members with memory problems, the earliest onset of their own symptoms, current medications they are on, and a list of symptoms that are concerning them.

Patients will also undergo a cognitive examination, depression screening, functional and sensory exam, targeted physical and laboratory exam, psychological assessment, diagnostic imaging (if necessary), and patient and family education.

What Sets Us Apart

During the initial evaluation, an in-depth patient history is conducted as well as several tests. In many facilities, necessary tests might be skipped because of time constraints. But at the Siouxland Memory Center, we spend approximately two hours with each patient during the initial evaluation.

The team evaluates the findings, diagnoses the patient, and designs a personalized treatment plan. The patient will need to come back for several follow up visits where the team knows the case and tracks the results. These visits occur at six month intervals. Follow up visits are an important piece because they assures that treatment plans are working as they should and allows for changes to the plan if necessary.

Our staff has trained with Drs. Kim and Gail Petersen, a husband and wife team that is nationally recognized for their work in the field of memory loss, and they maintain a professional relationship and may seek additional assistance from them.

Siouxland Memory Center is a resource for education and support services for medical professionals, long term care facilities, patients and caregivers.

Support Groups

Sioux Center Community Hospital & Health Center encourages patients and their families to engage in discussion with our support groups.

Memory Loss Awareness Support Group meets every third Wednesday of the month at 1 pm in Royale Meadows Care Center.

Parkinson’s Awareness Support Group meets every fourth Thursday of the month at 1 pm in Royale Meadows Care Center.

Call (712) 722-8256 for more information.