Hear Kiley's Story

Becoming a mother has been one of the best things that has happened to me. It can be difficult at times, but it is very rewarding. I did not completely realize the miracle of childbirth until I had my own children. It is amazing the amount of love I instantly had for my children. I am glad that I got to experience this journey at Sioux Center Health.

I have been going to Sioux Center Health all of my life, and both of my children were born and cared for here as well. Dr. Andersen has been amazing through the pregnancy and birth of both of my children. With my first, Bennett, I had symptoms of preeclampsia that she monitored very closely. Due to these symptoms, it was best for me to be induced 10 days early. It was a long day and night at the hospital, and I became very nauseous.  The staff did an amazing job of monitoring and caring for me.

During his first few months, Bennett had some health issues with gaining weight and heart concerns. All of the staff that examined him were very helpful by keeping us informed, comforted, and supported. He turned out to be a very healthy boy.

This time I had a very normal pregnancy. A week before my due date, I started laboring at home in the middle of the night. It progressed quickly so we decided to go to the hospital, stopping at school first to drop off my computer and plans for my maternity sub. We arrived around 6:30am and just after 7am our daughter, Elliott, was born. Without much time to spare, the nurses were amazing. They were very efficient in getting everything ready, and keeping me calm and comforting me at the same time.  I was open to having another epidural this time, but things progressed too quickly. I was so grateful that Dr. Andersen made the effort to make it for the delivery, as she was headed out of town for a conference later that morning. I am thankful for the effort from all the staff who helped us welcome our healthy little girl into the world.

During our stay in the hospital, the staff was exceptional. They answered any questions we had, supported me as I began breastfeeding, and kept me comfortable. We were very well taken care of, and I am grateful for the support we received. Not only were the staff great, but the facilities were outstanding. Even though I did not spend a lot of time in the birthing rooms, they are very large and have a lot of great features for you to use during and after labor. The postpartum suites are very spacious and were accommodating to our visiting family and friends, and a comfortable place to recover.

I feel very blessed to be able to call Sioux Center Health the medical home for my family. We are lucky to have such quality services and care for our family and community.