In-home Medical Supplies & Medical Device Rental

Life changes requiring the use of home medical equipment can take some adjustment for you and your loved ones. Let the full-service of Home Medical Equipment help you make the most of your new situation.

Extensive Services & Equipment for Living Well
We provide a comprehensive lineup of medical and health-related items for purchase or rent to individuals in need of continuing care at home. We’re dedicated to provide 24/7 emergency call service, as well as training in how to safely and effectively use medical equipment at home.

General Health and Nutrition
•   Bath aids and bath safety products
•   Blood pressure check equipment and stethoscopes
•   Catheters
•   Commodes
•   Daily living aids, such as reachers and grabbers, adaptive utensils and long-handled shoehorns
•   Hospital beds, with or without trapeze, for in-home use
•   Low air loss therapy
•   Incontinence supplies
•   Lymphedema pumps and sleeves
•   Ostomy and wound care supplies
•   Phototherapy for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and light-sensitive conditions
•   Special needs equipment and adaptive supplies
•   Tube feeding (enteral) pumps, supplies and formulas

Mobility Support and Rehabilitation
•   Braces and muscle supports
•   Compression stockings
•   Continuous passive motion (CPM) machine
•   Crutches, canes, walkers and more for walking (ambulatory) assistance
•   Lift chairs
•   Stair lifts
•   Wheelchairs

Respiratory Support
•   Heated humidifiers
•   Low air loss therapy
•   Nebulizers for medication delivery
•   Oximetry aids to measure oxygen levels in the blood
•   Oxygen therapy equipment
•   Suction units
•   Tracheotomy supplies
•   Ventilators

Sleep Care
•   Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), bilevel positive airway pressure (BiPAP) and auto-adjusting positive airway pressure (APAP) equipment for sleep apnea
•   Infant apnea monitors
•   Sleep positioning aides

Women’s Health
•   Breast pumps and breastfeeding supplies
•   Post-mastectomy supplies and custom fitting consultations

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Home Medical Equipment
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