Hear Tina's Story

Working in health care has always been my dream. I chose to work at Sioux Center Health because I feel this is the right and best place to be. I have been working as a license certified nurses assistant since November 1998. I did this part-time in addition to my factory job for 11 years. During the time spent away from the nursing home each week, I felt I had more compassion working with the elderly. To this day, I don’t know if I could ever work any other place than working at Sioux Center Health. Sioux Center Health is where I found faith and have earned their respect and trust. I’m grateful to have chosen Sioux Center Health; great place with a high

Soon I will be celebrating 14 years of service at Sioux Center Health. I enjoy working with the staff in this organization. We all work together as a team finding and coming up with better ways to keep residents safe and to provide the quality care they deserve. Serving our residents at our facility is just like serving the community of Sioux Center. I get to know their families and friends and always feel appreciated for what we do for their loved ones.

One aspect of my role I enjoy is helping mentor new staff and sharing key insights. I like to introduce them and help new employees connect with each resident. I view the residents as “family” and encourage others to approach their care as if they were their parents or grandparents. I help residents feel they are a part of a larger family care group. I find ways to deliver genuine care while making efforts to identify ways to make the residents feel at home in a happy and comfortable environment. Helping the residents is what I love to do and seeing them smile is very rewarding to me. It feels great knowing from start to finish, the residents trust and appreciates me for the care I provide them throughout the night.

This past year I was honored to receive the Avera Caring Spirit Award. I was speechless of course. It was humbling for me to receive this award knowing that I am doing my job as a caregiver to our residents in a compassionate and kind way. I want to thank all the staff and the residents involved that contributed to make this happen. We are all excellent caregivers and we reassure the citizens of this community to continue trusting us to care for their loved ones.

The overwhelming part of my job is getting to know the residents at first. Some adjust easier and better than others. There are often powerful emotions when they are sad or they are away from their families. I enjoy spending extra time with them to help adjust to life at Royale Meadows. And when it comes to the end of their lives or the lives of their loved one, I care and support them through their grieving pain. I get so attach to each resident. They become like my family.