Hear Elijah's Story

The therapy we have received at Sioux Center Health has been beyond phenomenal.

My son started seeing Sara Wielenga (physical therapist) and Andrew Geleynse (occupational therapist) when he was about one. I had previously been driving back and forth to Sioux Falls because I was unaware of there being such a great pediatric team so close to home.

We began going to therapy once a week and all of my kids looked forward to it! Sara and Andrew involved my older children in therapy too, which really eased the sessions.  Having such family centered therapists allowed me to be back in the therapy rooms with Elijah and learn from the therapists how I could help him better as opposed to having to drop him off and be with my other children or struggle to find childcare for my older children.

Elijah is now 3 and he doesn’t always want to do what the therapists want him to do, but they are so accommodating of his desires and needs. We walk the halls, go up the elevators, walk down the stairs, crawl into cupboards, do crab races, climb the ramps, do monkey bars, and they’ve even helped him learn to ride a trike and helped to make it accommodating to his needs.

The therapy team at Sioux Center Health has become part of our family. We look forward to seeing them every week. The progress Elijah has made in the last 2 years is phenomenal. The things I’ve learned from Sara in the last 2 years have truly helped me to help Elijah in his every day life. I feel so blessed to have found such a great team so close to home.