Our Wound Care Clinic offers care to patients with acute and chronic wounds from simple to complex in settings such as outpatient, inpatient, home health and select nursing homes.

We care for a variety of types of wounds including:
•   Burns
•   Pressure ulcers
•   Venous ulcers
•   Non-healing surgical wounds
•   Traumatic wounds

We offer wound care through specialty dressings and the use of technologies such as wound vacs. Our wound care also staffs specialized personal who are trained for edema and lymphedema management, nutritional services, as well as other various therapies.

We work with patients, families, and providers to establish a plan of care to speed the rate of healing, while taking into consideration adjustments to minimize required lifestyle alterations. Working together as a team, patients and wound care staff can achieve optimal healing for their wound care needs.

Call 722-8125 to schedule an appointment with our wound care specialist Abby Van Zee, ARNP.