Occupational Health

Our Occupational Health department is dedicated to a comprehensive program tailored to meet the needs of local and area businesses. Our physicians and staff specialize in work-related injuries, improving safety in the work place and keeping you on the job.

Our services include:
•   Physical exams, from basic to complex
•   Worker’s compensation case management
•   Drug and alcohol testing
•   Drug and alcohol training courses
•   Audiometric, vision and pulmonary function testing
•   Respiratory health screening (pulmonary function test and respiratory fit test)
•   Tuberculosis testing
•   Immunizations
•   Wellness screenings
•   Safety training
•   Health promotion
•   Exposure control plan
•   Accident report system

Educational Training
•   CPR and first aid
•   Bloodborne pathogen training
•   Ergonomics training
•   Online substance abuse training:
– D.O.T reasonable suspicion for supervisors
– D.O.T drug and alcohol awareness for employees
– D.O.T designated employee representative training

Occupational Health nursing can benefit employers and employees with the following:
•   Health assessments
•   Health education and promotion
•   Health and hazard surveillance
•   Injury prevention and loss control
•   Work related injury and illness management

Benefits of an Occupational Health program:
•   Reduces lost work days
•   Increases employee productivity and morale
•   Decreases workers’ compensation cost through case management
•   Provides resource for health, safety, and OSHA compliance issues
•   Prevents incidence of illness and injury
•   Higher profitability
•   Provides consistent and regular follow up of injuries and illnesses
•   Earlier detection of health problems
•   Greater use of preventative services
•   More knowledge of and adherence to healthier lifestyle choices

  • Main Phone (to make an appointment): 712-722-8156

  • Keri Frick, RN Manger: 712-722-8159

  • Miranda Vander Ploeg: 712-722-8156

  • Donna Dickmann, RN: 712-722-8312

  • Lori Kleyer, RN: 712-722-8188

  • Karen Schuiteman, RN: 712-722-8113

  • Molly Korver, RN: 712-722-8326

Occupational Health
38 19th St SW
Sioux Center, IA 51250