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Welcome to Sioux Center Health

We are honored to build a state-of-the-art hospital and medical clinic for your family. Sioux Center Health is everything we hoped for — and more. Your family will receive quality health care in a safe, private, and healing environment for decades to come.

As a health ministry guided by Christian values, our 400+ health care professionals will provide you and your family with quality health care services — regardless of ability to pay. We offer these services through our mission to bring hope, health, and healing to life.

From annual check-ups to specialized surgeries, we hope you choose Sioux Center Health. We believe our coordinated services (through family medicine providers) is the best option for a lifetime of integrated care. We thank you for your continued support.

Latest News

  • Winter Safety – Tips to Avoid Falls

    Winter Safety – Tips to Avoid Falls

    Wintertime is one of the most anticipated seasons since we look forward to celebrating the holidays with our loved ones along with the chance of seeing snow either for our very first time or the millionth time. Although winter and the holidays should be filled with happy and loving memories, it does not always end

  • Orthopedic Surgeon Bryce Braaksma, DO

    Orthopedic Surgeon Bryce Braaksma, DO

    Take advantage of the latest in orthopedic techniques and robotic-assisted surgery to help ease your pain with Bryce Braaksma, DO. Dr. Braaksma practices at Avera Orthopedics in Sioux Falls, SD and starting in February he will come to Sioux Center Health. Dr. Braaksma specializes in minimally invasive surgeries for knee and hip replacements, which rarely requires an

  • Did your baby’s names make the list?

    Did your baby’s names make the list?

    The most popular names among the 190 babies born at Sioux Center Health in 2019. Emma tops the list for newborn girls and Grayson topped the list for most popular name for the boys. The Sioux Center Health welcomed 190 babies! Top baby names: Girls: 1. Emma 2. Adeline, Adelyn 3. Everly 4. Jocelyn, Joselyn