Hear My Story

Personal stories are a way to connect with those served at Sioux Center Health.  Click on the links below to learn more about our physicians, patients and community members.

Sioux Center Health is here to serve you and your family through all stages of your life.

Nicholas Mouw, MD (General Surgeon)
Mike Drooger (Edgerton, MN)
David Van Beek (ACL)
Ken and Julie Dragstra (Hospice Services)
Mark Kreun (Therapy Services)
Elijah Troll (Pediatric Services)
Raelle Van Maanen (Birthing Center)
Kiley Landman (Birthing Center)
Shawndra Kuiken (Birthing Center)
Gertrude Jansen (Crown Pointe)
Misti Fykstra (Mammogram)
Daniel Vanden Bosch, MD (Family Medicine Physician)