• Honor your loved one this holiday season.

    Honor your loved one this holiday season.

    During the Christmas season, our thoughts turn to those we love – our family and friends who celebrate the joy of the season with us, and those who are no longer here, but whose memory burns brightly in our hearts.

    We invite you and your family to honor your loved one this season by participating in the Loving Tree Project. Through your generous donation, you will receive a personalized ornament in memory of your loved one. The ornament helps to embrace the loss of your loved one and provides a keepsake for years to come. These ornaments will decorate the Loving Tree in the Town Center at Sioux Center Health throughout the holiday season.

    For more information or to order an ornament download an order form and return with payment to Sioux Center Health Hospice and Home Care (1400 7th Ave SE) by Friday, November 17. For questions, call Monica Sedelmeier at 722-8415 or monica.sedelmeier@siouxcenterhealth.org.

    Please note: Anyone can order an ornament in memory of your loved one. It doesn’t need to be a hospice patient. 

    “Summer of 2011 my mom, Gertrude Haak, chose to leave her long-time home and community in Phoenix to move to Sioux Center and, as she put it, enter the last stage of her life. She moved in with my husband and I. She was very content to stay at home and didn’t desire to go out and about. Initially she was very independent but as time progressed more help was needed. It was then when I learned about Sioux Center Health Hospice and Home Care. Initially my mom was reluctant to use their services but it didn’t take long before the bi-weekly visits were something she looked forward to. She would wonder with anticipation who would show up that day. It didn’t matter though, she loved them all. After their visit she enjoyed sharing their conversations with me. They were much more than people who came to do a task for her, they became her community. While offering physical help they also met some of her social, emotional and even spiritual needs. Last fall my mom became ill and was hospitalized. She was put on hospice. Because of the relationship that had already been developed with Home Health she had the same nurse for hospice. That was comforting to her. It was comforting to me. During the last weeks of my mom’s life the hospice staff became my community as well. They walked with me during a difficult time and while they cared for my mom they helped me navigate through her impending death and the months that followed. What a wonderful blessing to be a part of community - those that last a life-time and those that are just for a season.”                     ~ Ruth Ruter

    Tree Lighting Ceremony 
    Thursday, November 30 at 5:30 pm  |  Sioux Center Health Town Center
    Join us for a special memorial service as we light the tree to remember and celebrate the lives of those we will never forget. Refreshments will be provided.

    Your ornament will be available for pick up after January 8 in the Gift Shop located in the Town Center at Sioux Center Health.

    All donations received will benefit the Sioux Center Health Hospice and Home Care program.

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